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Mobile App Development Made Easy With Webmatrix India

With growing internet sensation, internet users are anticipated to increase from 481 million to 829 million by 2021.

The convenience of Mobile Phones, the affordability and availability of better connectivity and 3G, 4G networks has amplified the volume of Mobile internet users across a bigger geographic as well as demographic market.

The Mobile App Development is likely to draw much more attention that traditional software development. Our devoted Mobile App Development Team will direct you step-by-step and create a functional mobile app for you that will enable you to reach your Digital goals. ...

Webmatrix India possess a prosperous history as a Mobile App Development Firm based in Mumbai.

In order to assemble greater height for your business in the market, you should be aware of the present condition or circumstance of your business in the market. So as to attain mobile application for business, gather some data about a particular platform. It will help in further stages for attaining a decent outcome. In the present date, Android and iOS are considered as the best platforms in the market. Hence, it helps polishing your business easily.

Why Webmatrix India for Mobile App Development?
Webmatrix India is trusted to be one of the most renowned providers of Mobile App Development services in Mumbai. We are professionals with respect to Mobile App Development field for a number of crucial reasons.

With Experience Comes Credibility
With years of experience so far, we’ve developed a credible reputation amongst the market facilitators. Our qualified and skilled professionals have on hand experience of mobile and web development.

Operational Expertise and Quality
Our team of dynamic individuals will exceed all your imaginations and desires. The strategic approach of our team members help in identifying, assessing and resolving any technical issues your company is facing, all at the same time adhering to your business values.

Cost Effectiveness
We strive each day to deliver highest quality mobile app development service at an affordable price. We always aim to be one step ahead, creating a plan for the foreseeable future with the help of client technology. This saves you both time and money.

The security and protection of your business are in safe hands. We deliver our supreme level of IT services with definite confidence, guarding your essential data as well as your business.

Our Development Work Process

Our 5 step Web Development process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Discover Opportunities

The first step is discovering and researching. It determines as in how the following steps will look like. We at Webmatrix India gather clear understanding of your website purpose, our main goal is reach to the target audience you wish to pull towards your site. News portal are different from the entertainment websites and online resources for youngsters are different from that for adults. Diverse websites deliver visitors with different functionality that is the different technologies should be utilized as per the purposes. A well-defined and detailed plan prepared based on this pre-development data can guard you against additional expenses on resources for solving the unforeseen issues like design changing or adding the functionality that was not formerly planned.

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Design Mockups

During the designing phase, your website takes shape. The visual content, like images, photos and videos are created during this step. Again, the information collected during the first phase is essential. We consider our customer and target audience should while working on design.

Website Layout is the outcome of designer’s work. It can be either a graphic sketch or an actual graphic design. The main purpose of the layout is to epitomize the information structure, visualize the content and determine the basic functions. The layout includes colours, images, and logos and may deliver a general understanding of the upcoming product.

Next, the customer is free to review the layout and convey his feedback. If the client is not pretty sure about certain aspects of our design, we will modify the layout and send it back again. This cycle is likely to repeat until our client is completely satisfied.

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Coding And Development

In this particular phase, you can actually start creating the website. Graphic elements designed during previous stages can be used to create an actual website. Generally, the home page is created first and then it is followed by the sub-pages, as per the website hierarchy that was created in the form of a sitemap. Frameworks and Content Management System (CMS) is applied to ensure that server is capable of handling the installation and set-up with ease.

Static web page elements that were created during the mock-up and layout creation is created and tested. Next, special features and interactivity is added. Using CMS for site creation enable us to install to CMS plugins at this phase if needed. Another essential aspect is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is basically the optimization of website elements that can in turn help your site attain higher rankings in the search engines. Anew, valid code is very much important for SEO.

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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is basically an amalgamation of three basic types of testing:

  • Requirement Testing: : It is actually what it sounds like: after the requirements and design documents have been approved by the client, the QA tester act in accordance with a list of these requirements. From that very moment, any broad layouts, prototypes or alpha versions of the website will be tested contrary to this list.
  • Design Testing: Design testing makes sure that the “user-interface” of the website is appropriate depending on the design requirements and d any all-inclusive layouts presented, for a broad range of users.
  • Functionality Testing: This test indicates the testing of everything, starting from link, button, calculator, form to other features of the website are tested widely crosswise numerous browsers. This testing makes certain that the website functions as planned.
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Launcing and Optimization

After everything working exquisitely, it’s the time to plan and implement your site launch! This is likely to include planning both launch timing and communication strategies and also the optimization- i.e., launching and letting the world know! Later, it is time to break out the bubbly. We maintain the beauty of the web by maintaining and keeping it updated continually. After the site goes live, we persistently run user testing on novel content and features, monitor analytics and also refining messages.

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Services We Provide Under Application Development

Bring more traffic to user experince with the help of new proven techniques we can offer

UI/UX Design

User interface design or computer programme engineering is that the design of user interfaces for machines and software system, like computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and different electronic devices, with the main target on increasing usability and therefore the user expertise.

Content Management System

CMS is that it permits non-specialized individuals who don't know programming dialects to effectively make and deal with their own web content. The WYSIWYG editors of a run of the mill content administration stage enables clients to enter message and transfer pictures without having to know any HTML or CSS.

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce website enables you to go through the barriers associated with geographical location and also helps you to market products and services to wide audience base via a digital platform. This particular service help save time and also have a comprehensive comparison of the products, attain better offers and enable to maintain one hand distance from busy stores.

Landing Page

A landing page is very targeted on conversion, because it is often in the course of one call-to-action. There are not any alternative distractions (like navigation menu) on the page, and there's only one action to require that is conversion.

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