Case Study Details

The Client

Manufacturers of the renowned food FMCG brand of Maharashtra “Ram Bandhu”


Requirement of a full fledged ecommerce website that will showcase the product range of Empire Spices

To develop an effective strategy in order to achieve sustainability in ecommerce and attain profitability

40.34% Increase in sessions

32.12% Increase in number of users

51.04% Increase in page views

05.21% Decrease in bounce rate

The Challenge

To develop an interface and user experience which will be at par with established large scale egrocery portals yet maintain its distinct brand appeal while keeping the familiarity

To be profitable in a short period of time despite having products which are low priced, characterised by low involvement and are typically bought offline

To be optimised enough to attract online buyers who shop from established multi-seller portals to a single seller portal with only a handful of options for each product type

Our Solution – The Interface

We kept the home page & all other pages very simplistic in order to bring focus on the offerings

Our challenge was to highlight offers to reduce bounce rate and induce purchases but to keep the brand as the primary focus at the same time. To achieve this we highlighted the brand in the main sliding banners and kept the offers in both the header menu as well as in a dedicated section below the banner with the ‘Offers’ label above the fold

We studied the products & highlighted only those type of products which move faster in the ecommerce format

We kept a high degree of page shareability to induce organic promotion; & live Facebook feed to increase chances of at least gaining social media followership if not a purchase in the first visit

Our Solution – Strategy & Optimisation

The flow & call to actions have been designed, sequenced & a/b tested to achieve the desired user flow in the most efficient manner

For all on page elements we have done search engine optimisation to increase website searcheability and maintain relevance of pages

To address the issue of sustainability we set a cutoff limit for the products that can be listed based on their price, & bundled together some of the low priced product packs to form combos which have a higher price point

We realised the importance of offers & discounts in attracting traffic from multi-seller portals to the client’s single seller portal

In order to actualize the above point successfully without the client taking a hit in profitability we introduced a discount slab with incremental discount percentages starting from zero & going up to 15% calculated on the value of the user’s cart & addressed the delivery charge issue along with so:--

Cart Value Discount % Delivery Charge
1 – 199 0% 50
200 – 399 10% 70
400 & above 15% 0

To help persuade users who abandoned a cart midway we automated abandoned cart emailers with a provision to view their saved cart & complete their transaction or provide feedback on their abandonment

We always put continuous optimisation & upgradation at the core of our advisory in order to achieve the client’s objectives & therefore we have automated an email to buyers post 15 days of their purchase to gather feedback on their product and website experience.

The feedback gathered in the above points & data from tools like google analytics is used to further streamline and optimise the structure and functionality of the website

To prevent traffic loss & to aid in returning traffic we have kept a feature for notifying the user when an out of stock product is back in stock

Our on page and off page SEO efforts has been able to bring in a substantial amount of relevant organic traffic which is evident from the steady increase in the number of new users and decrease in bounce rate

The Impact

In a period of 4 months since launch the number of users /visitors stand at 11,000 plus per month

Out of total visitors new visitors is 80% and returning visitors is 20% with organic search traffic being the largest contributor (60%) of new visitors, followed by social media (30%)

Currently an average of 3.5 orders are placed per day with an average ticket size of Rs. 411/-

Conversion rate has increased by 22% as a result of holistic optimisation of all factors

All of the above has been achieved primarily through seo & channeling of existing social media followers with minimal spend on paid promotion